As many of you know, we just got back from a business trip to Orlando.  While we were there, we were lucky enough to have a friend (and Disney employee) get us into the parks FOR FREE!  (Thanks, Evelyn!!)

We love all things Disney, but in this economy, it’s hard to justify spending money on vacations.  But, for those of you who do get to go (jealous!), there are so many ways to cut expenses and still have a wonderful time!

So, I wanted to share a little secret we learned while we were there that hopefully someone else can use.  Did you know there is a barber shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom?  And that they offer first haircut packages?  And that they’re reasonable priced?  I know… I was shocked too.  Ready to be shocked further?  $18.  Yep.  That’s it.  And you get more than just a cut…

Emerson will be 3 soon and hadn’t had a haircut yet, so we thought we’d check out the barber shop to see if we could get in.  It was a tiny little shop, but it was a completely awesome experience!  There are two barber chairs and two employees.  As all things at Disney are, they’re extremely child friendly.  The lady who cut Emerson’s hair put her on the booster-type seat in the chair and immediately began sticking Mickey Mouse stickers all over her.

Emerson thought that was just the coolest thing ever, but she almost lost her mind when the lady gave her “pixie dust” to play with too!

A “Snow White cape” was placed on Emerson’s back using more Mickey stickers, and Emerson was hard at work trying to get the pixie dust onto the back of two stickers.

She never once faced the mirror, and really had no clue, nor did she care, that she was getting a haircut.

Another cool thing about the barber shop is that it’s right next to where the parade starts.  The gates from backstage open right next to the barber shop window, and the parade rolls right out from there.  If you time it right, which we unknowingly did, you can watch the parade from your barber shop seat!

When she was finished cutting Emerson’s hair, she put in two of the cutest little piggie tails, and my baby didn’t look like a baby anymore.

When you get the first haircut package, you get the haircut, the first cut locks to take home — along with pixie dust and stickers for the scrapbook, a certificate AND Mickey Ears with “first haircut” embroidered on the back.  In Disney prices, that’s quite the bargain!

And as you can see, Emerson didn’t care to look in the mirror… she was having too much fun with her stickers and pixie dust!


Homegirl wore her Mickey ears the rest of the night.  She wanted to wear them to bed.  And, no lie, she wore them in the car the entire drive home (~10 hours) from Orlando!

She was such a trooper that night!  She just HAD to ride Dumbo again.

We closed the Magic Kingdom down that night, since we knew it would likely be a while before we’d be back.  You can see how tired my poor little girl is, but she just kept on keeping on.  And she had a blast!